The closest noteworthy place is Atri, a little pre-Roman town from which the Adriatic sea has taken its name. The best way to visit this pretty city is a walking tour; only in this way you can be sure to fully enjoy the squares and the alleys of this historical town.
You can start the tour from the ruins of an ancient roman theater (recently brought to light) and then get to one of the two main squares of the town: Piazza Duomo. This square is enriched by the stately cathedral of Santa Maria dell'Assunta, a Romanesque church embellished by fabulous fresco and well preserved mosaics. A short walk away from the cathedral there are museums, churches and beautiful palaces.
The most important one is “Palazzo Ducale” in Piazza dei Duchi D'Acquaviva. This palace was the Duke's mansion, today it houses the public library.
The stables below are the main place where many art exhibitions are hosted during the summer.
Last but not least, we suggest you to stop off in Viale Gran Sasso, a breathtaking viewpoint on Abruzzi mountains and sea.

I Calanchi di Atri
Nature lovers have also the chance to visit the spectacular regional reserve “Calanchi di Atri”.
The “Calanchi” are particular geological formations caused by the erosion of the clay soil. This reserve, in 1999, has officially become natural oasis of the WWF.

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